User-friendly and intuitive

No hassle with menus and settings. The features you really need presented in an easy way.



Focus on performance

Smooth panning and zooming and no flickering.



You get discount

Only ~2 EUR for 625 sq. km of detailed topographic map data makes MapApp Topo very affordable compared to printed maps and other similar apps.

"Great and simple. Perfect tool outdoors!"

Jakob Levén

"Very good! Impressively nice and sleek!"

Caroline Carlson

"Simple and useful. Works as it should."

Jonas Löfling

Latest news

MapApp Topo on your wrist!

Get your topographic maps on your wrist. Today we are announcing that we are working on a MapApp Topo for Android Wear. Soon you will be able to get you favourite topo maps outdoor without your phone. […]

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Discover now

Simple, fast, and affordable.

MapApp Topo can be downloaded for free on Google Play. For each country that is included in MapApp Topo there is a free overview map in scale 1:1000 000. Within the overview map, high resolution topographical map tiles in scale 1:50 000 (1:25 000 for Denmark) can be purchased. MapApp Topo has features for showing current location och compass bearing but can also record points of interest and paths as well as exporting them. Features are also often added based on user requests.

All maps are sold as 25 x 25 km square tiles. The price of a tile is ~2 EUR (depending on currency changes). For tiles with missing information a lower price is charged, reflecting the amount of information missing.

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