Topo maps on your wrist!

Topo maps have never been more portable! The Android app for topographic maps, MapApp Topo is now available as a test version for smart watches. -”The more recent smart watches works just fine without being connected to the phone and that’s what we take advantage of” says Kristian, one of the developers behind the app 이비에스 다운로드. -”When Sony released the first watch with built in GPS we realised the potential in adapting MapApp Topo for use with smart watches”. Peter, who both develop the app and use it when out mountain biking continues: -”Many outdoor entuhusiats want to carry as little extra weight as possible and think the smart phone is too heavy and bulky 다운로드. A watch weighs close to nothing and is always available on your wrist for a quick glance.”

There are already training apps for smart watches that makes it possible to leave the phone at home when out exersicing 카트라이더 노딜 다운로드. MapApp Topo has done the same thing but also taken it one step further by showing the position on the map directly on the watch. -”No other app is capable of that today” says Peter 필리아의 아르바이트 1.11 한글 다운로드. Before you get outdoor you download the maps you need in the watch. Then, in the watch, you can show the position on the map, log routes and create points of interest 다운로드. -”Creating an app for a watch is a lot different compared to an app for a phone or tablet” says Kristian. -”But I think we suceeded in creating a user interface that works really well for the small screen you have on the watch.”

MapApp Topo for Android Wear will be available on Google Play during Q2 this year 미스터 션 샤인 21 회 다운로드.

MapApp Topo is an Android app for topographical maps. Focus is on performance and simplicity and it is the perfect choice for all outdoor enthusiasts 윈도우10 인터넷 익스플로러 11 다운로드. The features include the ability to create points of interests and log routes as well as exporting and importing. It is also possible to measure distance and search for places 다운로드. MapApp Topo is available for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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